I am going to randomly blog this morning. It's currently 7:48 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I've been up since a lil' after 6 a.m., and there's just really only so much internet browsing you can do.

So last night was the Bud Shootout - yee haw!! I love, love, LOVE Nascar! What I do NOT like is poor sportsmanship! We went to a shootout gathering last night, my drive (#88) got caught up in a wreck, and another person who I won't mention had the balls to LAUGH OUT LOUD! Are you friggin kidding me??? Okay, so I get it if you're not an 88 fan - not everyone can, will, or should be - but you do NOT laugh out loud when a fan of the 88 is sitting within arms reach of you! Not to mention this dude is probably within arms reach of being 60 years old! Oh man it really burnt me up! I'm not good at biting my tongue, but I bit it out of respect for the people who were hosting the party. I'm not kidding when I say unsportmanship conduct can send me into a rage - it took every bit of stamina I had not to lash out irrationally at this guy! UGH!

Moving on (before I get myself worked up again).... Vegas! In less than a month I'll be venturing to LV once again - EEEEEEEEE! I'm anxious to see how this trip is going to compare.... the only other time I've been to Vegas is when Benny and I got married. AND we were oh-so fortunate to have a great group of friends join us! The Vegas trip was absolutely amazing, never a dull moment and a photobook full of memories. :~)

This time it's going to be a different story. For the first 3 days it will just be Benny and myself. Nathan will be in meetings most mornings.... so if anyone has any suggestions on how to spend alone time in Vegas - please advise! Not that I don't intend on enjoying the vacation and sleeping in, but I typically can't sleep in... not to mention I'll be in the city that never sleeps! So any experiences you've had in Vegas I am open to hear as well! It will be an interesting trip because Benny and I could not be more opposite when it comes to gambling. I cash out when I'm up $5, he won't cash out or quit until he's up/down $500. I can't watch him throw away that kind of money, so it's best if we go our separate ways during gambling hours. This was easy to do when we were in Vegas before because the guys would go spend the big bucks while us chics sat back at the nickel slots or sat and people watched. This round of Vegas won't be like that - it'll just be Benny and I. So while he wants me to stand behind him and be his good luck charm, I'm afraid I might blow the friggin craps table up if I see how much money he puts into it. I'm sure we'll figure it out, but it's a Vegas concern of mine.

On a brighter note - I'm 99.9% sure that the last few days of our trip, my BFF and her husband are going to join us - EEEEEEEEE! Seriously - how friggin awesome is this? AND, we'll be out there for her birthday - double EEEEEEEEEEEE! This is so amazing to me! I've been discussing it with her husband for several months now, as I wanted so bad to surprise her! Have you ever had a person in your life that is constantly doing kind things for other people? Well meet my BFF.... she is always planning, organizing and performing the most random acts of kindness... I wanted to give her a lil' something. So I was REALLY wanting to surprise her for her bday with this trip to Vegas - obviously working together with her husband to do it. However, circumstances didn't work out - BUT we still managed to wait until a month before the trip to let her "in the know". And truth of the matter is.... had we not let her "in the know" it might not have worked out. Her and her husband were going to do all they could to make this trip - I knew it! But I also know it's not always that easy to just flip a hat and have money fall out for a trip to Vegas. Ironically enough, during all the discussions, her husband wins $$$ at a banquet - $$$ that will fund their trip to Vegas! Now how friggin awesome is that??!!! Some things I just think are meant to be. So needless to say, as of 10 hours ago, I was 99.9% sure that my BFF is going to get to join me in LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, so I've carried on long enough that it's time to go shower and get ready for church.

To all my blog-stalkers.... have a fabulous week!!!!!!!!!!! XO ~JT

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