Okay, so I know it's been waaay too long since I've blogged - I won't even attempt to catch up. It's been crazy-nutty tho... if that's even possible?! I've been working, working and working some more. Alongside of work comes responsibilities at home - as a wife and as a mother. T's been super active this spring, so when I'm not working - I'm driving him from place to place. We literally have something on his agenda every night of the week! It's nutty and it's crazy!!!! I love it tho! Love, love, love it!!! HOWEVER, when the crazy-nuttiness happens, things have to give - and my blog's been one of the many things in the line-up. Another, more important, thing that's been slacking is my health! I haven't had time to plan, workout or even try to attempt to eat right. So my thought for the day/afternoon... "what if..." ... what if I commit myself to reporting my daily ups/downs on my blog? Do you think that will help me to move it up on the priority list??? Maybe make me think twice before I drink a beer?? Will it make me force myself in to the gym instead of home to do dishes/laundry/etc???? I don't know.... guess we'll see. Problem is... it's Monday evening, I'm gearing up for the week, and once I step foot in work tomorrow everything goes out the window. So stay tuned... see if I can even make it thru day 1! Day 1 of JT's Journey will begin Tuesday, May 26th - let's see if I can make it :~)

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