Burning Cheeks....

I'm referring to the ones on my face by the way! This weekend we went to see Ron White (the comedian for those of you who aren't familiar with him). He was at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis where my dear friend Jill Katherine lives. We started off the afternoon having a few pre-show drinks with JillyKat....

It's always FABULOUS to get to visit with Jill!!! I love her!

AND.... just so happened Nick and Alissa had tickets as well... so we all went together! This was still pre-show :~)

And then it's time for THEE show! No cameras were allowed in the theatre, so this is all you get! But holy moly he is one FUNNY guy!!!!!!!!! I'm still laughing out loud today... hee hee hee hee hee!!!!

And THEN it was time for post-show outing!!!!!!!!!! OOT-OOT! This picture could wrap up the night with no words!!!!!

And look who made it back out with us after the show !!! Yay!!!

I have Noooooooo idea what we were celebrating??? We're goobers!!!!!!! But don't ever doubt the fun we have!

Nick and Liss in the hotel convenient store. Wonder what they might've been purchasing??? They look like happy customers none-the-less, huh????

Oh what a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Jill, Nick, Liss and my husband for making it such a fantastic evening!!!!!!!!!!! You all are fabulous to me :~)
So it's back to work tomorrow and the kids get their report cards!!!!!!!

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