Check out these bad boys....

T's new Asics - EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

And here is a shot of my basket FULL OF ASICS! Anyone thinking what I'm thinking??? Anyone thinking maybe Asics could pay me for some advertising - heck, even one free pair of Asics would tickle me happy! A free pair of Asics - whoa --- not that's like the ULTIMATE gift! I'll be checking my mail for that letter from the President and CEO of Asics - I think we should know each other... he/she has NO idea what I've done for them lately!

And speaking of shoes... last night I sent out an email to my walkers! In case some of you are not aware, I have formed a team for a 60-mile breast cancer walk in San Diego, CA. The walk is over the course of 3-days. We'll be walking November 20th - 22nd this year. Each walker is required to raise a minimum of $2,300 in order to be able to walk. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in joining my team - let me know! The more the merrier. We'll start training for this event as a team in June/July time-frame. At training time, you should be able to comfortably walk 5 miles at one time. If I remember right, the first week of training we will put in approx 15 miles. And just as a heads up - REMEMBER WHY YOU WILL BE WALKING! It's not a vacation (altho the walk itself is a lot of fun and very inspiring)... but it requires a lot of dedication to train for the walk, plus the costs you will incur throughout training on shoes, apparel, etc... and then of course you will need to pay for your flight out to San Diego. We're wanting to stay a few extra days after the walk to have some time to actually enjoy San Diego; however, if you want to fly out to walk and come home - DO IT! I promise you this is a walk you will NOT regret doing!

If you're on here reading and would just like to donate to my walk - click the icon at the top right of this blog. It'll take you to my donation page. All donations are tax-deductible, and all donations go towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer (donations are not made to fund the trip out there).

Moving on..... this is my favorite lil' sign of all times:

It hangs in my living room.... LOVE IT! I love "happy" things :~) This is a "happy" sign.

And in closing, Hank says "hello"! Isn't he just beautiful!!! For those of you who haven't figured him out, Hank is half-chocolate lab and half-weimaraner... I've been told he appears to be half-giraffe and half-elephant, but I promise you he's 100% dog! They call this breed a "labmaraner". He's a gorgeous, fun-loving, happy puppy! Hank will be 1 year old on January 31st - a happy early birthday to Hank! (yes, he is a puppy)

My love and cheers to all!

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