Would you marry your fridge? I would!

Does anyone else love their refrigerator? I have a difficult time believing I'm the only one out there that has a particular home appliance that they just L-O-V-E! You know "if you love it so much why don't you marry it?" Well if I could, I WOULD!

Approximately 2 years ago, we got fed up with battling the door on our old refrigerator. If the inside shelf didn't fall off everytime you opened the door, then the entire door would shimmy it's way off the hinges. It became a high-risk refrigerator, and so we went on the search for a new one. My only request was A-an auto ice maker (pretty standard these days), and B-I wanted a water dispenser on the outside of the fridge (I am an avid water drinker if I'm not tossing back a few cold ones of another family). So here was the grand prize winner to make it into our home:

Granted, it's now well decorated with pics, important announcements, magnets, etc... it's still just as friendly as the day we brought it home. And please note the water dispenser on the outside, eh?!

And now we open the french doors on the front - the refrigerat'ing part.... it has a lovely array of options, shelf sizes, etc. Even 2 slide out deli drawers, with flip-down additiona storage (yes, you forget what's on the inside of the drawers), and then a bottom large compartment that is perfect for pizza boxes (remember, my husband lives on pizza), veggie trays, etc... In my opinion, this is the taj-ma-hal of refrigerators! LOVE IT!

And we can't leave out the freezer (on bottom). This isn't a very good pic b/c it doesn't look so roomy. But it has a huge bottom bucket to hold "stuff", and then another pull-out shelf on top with the icemaker - yee-haw! And on top of all of that, you can tilt the bottom open to reveal those handy items you need on this friendly lil' basket. Can't really see it, but believe you me - this refrig is awesome! If I could afford to give one away for free to a lucky reader, I would. However, unless Kenmore gets ahold of this and offers me such for free advertising, I'm afraid you'll just have to come over and give mine a test drive - I love it!

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Jen K said...

I want to have an affair with your fridge...



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