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Laughter dulls the sharpest pain and flattens out the greatest stress. To share it is to give a gift of health, because, as someone pointed out: Ulcers can't grow while you're laughing.

Isn't that great?! Love it! So aside from that I have some STELLAR news! I KNOW most of you know, and I know my blogstalkers most DEFINITELY know this (that was just for you Michelle :!) ... but you all know my 2nd true love goes out to my Asics! WELL, right before school started back up T and I made a trip to Pacesetters for new shoes for him. He REFUSES to get Asics because that's what I was wearing when I broke my ankle, so he swears it's the shoes fault that I broke my ankle. Normally I would let something else take the blame since the real reason I broke my ankle isn't something to discuss with my 9 year old, BUT this is like letting someone say something bad about your family. It's okay if YOU do it, but not someone else. OF ALL THINGS, I could NOT let him blame the Asics for the broken ankle - NO WAY! NOT MY ASICS! So we battled about it, it was the city sidewalks fault, he didn't buy it, and he wound up walking out of Pacesetters with a new pair of Under Armour shoes - okay.

WELL, (sorry Under Armour), but 5 days into the UA shoe wearing the material was separating itself from the rubber bottoms of the shoes - both shoes, same area. Well, I'm sorry, but I"m not spending a fortune on shoes and then having them fall apart 5 days later. So I walked into Pacesetters with the torn shoes and my head hanging low (I HATE returning things with problems).... as always tho, they were very nice and apologetic and the highlight of this whole story - T WALKED OUT WEARING A BRAND NEW PAIR OF ASICS - EEEEEEEEEEEE! Do you have ANY idea how much joy this has brought to me????? LOVE IT!

So Monday I pick T up from school, and I'm like "So how did those Asics treat you today?". Lil' turd, he says "Good, real good... but they almost broke my ankle!" I'm like "NO WAY!" And so he goes on to tell me how he twisted his ankle at school, and HE BLAMED IT ON THE ASICS!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I'm now in weekly therapy sessions until I can heal from this.

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