Tastes, Looks or Smells like Pizza

So today after church my husband treated me to lunch at Applebee's in Terre Haute. Does anyone else realize how often they change their menu? Good Lord almighty! They change their menus more often than I change my dishwater! Okay, not really b/c I never use dishwater - I think it's disgusting! But this menu-changing is very frustrating for someone who's married to someone that only eats something if it tastes, looks or smells like pizza! My dear blogstalkers, let me introduce you to my husband! He is THEE pickiest eater I've ever met in my entire life! The words "soup" or "salad" are an auto-nix to his appetite! He even gets disgusted if he orders a burger and they bring the lettuce, tomato, onion out on the plate. OMG - the vegetables might have actually touched his burger - it's a sin to him! Soooooooooo - today we go to Applebee's for lunch. He love, love, LOVES their nachos - no, he doesn't order them classic style, but "meat and cheese ONLY" on his nachos! Well today the waitress (God love her) informs him they've changed the make-up of their nachos. I honestly thought we might get up and walk out. Nathan doesn't understand why they have to try to fix something that's not broken, because to him their nachos were A-okay! I tried telling him that perhaps others didn't care for them, but this doesn't matter to him - he, NB, liked their nachos and therefore Applebees should not have touched them! Shame on Applebees! So he settled for a bacon cheeseburger w/fries, and to top off his already irritated appetite, they brought out the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on the side of his plate! Poor guy - you would've thought pizza just became an epidemic. We survived tho. Does anyone else deal with these insanely picky eating habits?????
So post-Applebees we went to Sam's Club. I LOVE Sam's, I usually love Sam's produce - here were my 2 big-hitters for the day:

Don't those oranges look YUMMY?! And then the classic Tootsie Pops - YUM!

Not to pick on my husband, but he did not know that Tootsie pops were a fat-free food. Is this a result of his lack of knowing anything beyond a pizza, or is he not the only one who didn't know this? He had to double-check the box because he didn't believe me when I told him they were fat free. Are you friggn' kidding me? Then he tells the nice, old lady who is trying to sell some "Fresh Step" kitty litter to him that I am the closest thing to a cat in his house. Are you kidding me? I thought the old lady was going to come un-glued on him. It was good stuff.

Moving back a week or so - my first attempt at blackberry cobbler:

I've had many people tell me how difficult, messy and time-consuming it was to make blackberry cobber. Well, we were celebrating my dad's birthday, and blackberry cobbler is one of his fav's. So in running for #1 daughter, I attempt to make this cobbler. I spent a good hour searching the internet and comparing recipes for what each person declared "BEST Blackberry Cobbler" - do you know how many "best"'s were out there? And then, and then I stumbled upon a gold mine - it was like unwrapping the special Willy Wonka chocolate with the golden ticket inside. This recipe wasn't labeled just the "best" - it said "WORLD'S BEST BLACKBERRY COBBLER". How could I not choose this recipe? The recipe seemed simple enough. So I purchased all the ingredients, put it together as stated on the recipe, baked it and VOILA! The true test would be when it touched the mouth-water pallet of dad's lips. I'm not sure if the first bite wasn't so good, or if he was speechless b/c of the ooey-gooey rich taste in his mouth. However, he and mom both assured me the cobbler was wonderful - a sure hit! And when I told mom how I made it, she was floored. There was no mess, it was quick, easy and well - apparently tasted amazing - the dish came back free of any crumbs.
I have more pics to post - but I'm going to post this and come back with another post so if by chance I lose something - it's not all of this good stuff :~)

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Jen K said...

Wow! That looks DELICIOUS!! Send me the recipe, if you can find the time. Can you sub in other fruits?


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