9 Months and counting....

... until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you all believe that Christmas is a mere 9 months from today??? It hardly seems possible... actually, I'm having a hard time even thinking about it - ugh!!!

So what's been going on in the life of JT? Sports, sports and more sports! Tonight we wrap up the basketball season with a pizza party which I'm sure the boys will love!!!! And over the last week-plus we've started soccer practice and baseball practice! This Saturday we have a double-header Saturday morning in soccer - whew! I'm looking forward to it tho - even tho it's supposed to rain - argh!
Ron White... have you seen him? Comedy Central maybe??? OMG - friggin funny!!! Weelll... this Saturday Nb and I are venturing to Indianapolis to see him LIVE!!!!!!!!!! OOT-OOT! Should be a hoot... I can NOT wait!!!

Anne Alert: (yes, this is equivalent to breaking news on your television except it's a blog-breaker)....

Hard to believe this beautiful, healthy lil' girl once weighed 2 lbs, isn't it? Go ahead... click on the picture to enlarge it and get a good look.... she's a miracle!!!!
I'm also proud to report lil' Miss Anne has been completely off of her feeding tube for almost a week now! She is such a happy lil' girl - full of smiles!!!! Of course, if I could live in that house and kick back in my bouncy and watch the entertainment unfold I would probably be full of giggles as well! Your Aunt Julie is sooooo proud of you Anne!!! xoxoxo

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog:

So I'm getting to that stage of parenting where I just don't understand... Helloooo Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!! If I knew how to insert the tunes to that song I would do so right... "HERE" (go ahead, feel free to take a break and get the tune going on in your noggin)!
Sooooo..... apparently I don't understand the life of a 9 year old boy anymore - no, you're right, I don't - because I never was one!!!! BUT I do know that when it's 45 degrees outside you're going to wear a coat to soccer practice! Seriously... T could NOT understand why he had to wear a coat! I just didn't understand because I'm a girl, and girls are always colder than boys, and he's going to be running around, he's going to get hot,.... I just don't understand! Needless to say - we walked out the door with a coat on! *BAM*! And then when I picked him up he was standing by the concessions shivering - geesh, bet you were glad your mom made you wear a coat... too bad you declined the gloves too - ARGH! Point proven!
So then a couple days later we have a drawing contest... it started with a leprechaun drawing and then we had a draw-off of an easter bunny. See below....

So we signed by our drawings so you can see which is mine and which is T's. Apparently my leprechaun looks more like a cowboy and my bunny ate a few too many cadbury eggs - or so I was told! So T won this contest... it was quite fun! As a matter of fact, the board is still up in his room and last night as I was tucking him in he informed me that he'd like to draw on it again but he thinks our drawings are just great and he doesn't want to erase them! Aaawwweeee!!!!! Amazing what lil' things you can do with your child that can put a smile on their heart!!!
And now it's JT - T competition #2:
Sunday evening I decided to go for a walk and T informed me if we went to the track where he could run that he would go with me. Yay!!! So we walked to the track (yes, I savor these times when it's just us, fresh air, no distractions... amazing conversations come out of these times)... anywho - so we get to the track and we run a mile together. And I KNOW I'm not supposed to be running, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. So we run a mile together, and then we walk a mile together and chit-chat about life, and THEN we decided to kick it up a notch again and do sprints and race each other. I mean... in my head I'm thinking I'm going to win this time because my legs are a lot longer than his, and according to physics it should all work in my favor - right?! NOPE... WRONG! He demolished me!!! To the point where I had to laugh out loud AT MYSELF! Granted, I feel as tho my son is very athletic-oriented... he loves sports, loves to exercise, loves to run, etc... but I still never imagined being a foot-plus shorter than me that he'd beat me so bad! HA, HA, HA!!! Good times! And the icing on the cake - as we were leaving the track to walk home I was thanking him for going with me and letting me know how much fun I had with him and how much I appreciate him exercising with me. His reply "No problem, I'm always up for taking a risk." I was like WHAT??? How is exercising with me a risk???? He just laughed and shook his head and informed me... I wouldn't understand! Are you kidding me????
So 2 out of the last 3 battles we've had to re-cap:
1. To Wear a Coat or Not Wear A Coat - Mom Wins
2. Leprechaun/Easter Bunny drawings - T Wins
3. Racing at the Track - T Wins
Calling all moms...... I need some suggestions on some challenges that perhaps I can come out as the Winner!!!!!!!! I'm starting to realize my age in all of this! I remember the days I could've drawn an easter bunny and told T it was a dog and he would've loved it! Just like this Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.... T will be in 5th Grade next year.... what on earth am I going to do??? I can't win this game! I am doomed all - I am doomed!!!!!!! I'd like to say the fun is just beginning, but I think T has raised the bar this year and it's going to be a whole new level of fun!
Oh - and in closing... do you know what else I have learned in the last couple of weeks! My 9 year old son was holding hands with his girlfriend on recess!!!! Holding hands??? Did you read that right??? It's friggin Fourth Grade!!!! He is MY baby - he can't be courting some girl around on recess - OMG! I mean... I'm glad he has a girlfriend - he's always liked girls... he never went thru that "girls have cooties" stage. And this lil' girl is oober cute and sweet, but it's still just a shock to the system to hear! Ugh!
Okay - I'm gonna sign off before I hit the wrong button on accident and delete my rambling blog! It was good to talk to everyone today! Gotta get back to work.... XO!

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SarahSLP said...

Loved your post! I just have to say Woody Fitzjarrald was my boyfriend from 2nd grade until 6th grade...we held hands anytime the lights went off in the classroom! :) lol!!


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