My Bucket List

Place an X by all the things you've done during your lifetime.....

( ) Gone on a blind date
( ) Gone on a recent date
(X) Skipped school - of course, but I always had a note from my mom so does that count???
(X) Watched someone die (unfortunately)
( ) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
(X) Been to Florida (and I need to go back!!! I am soooooo ready for summer!)
(X) Been to Hawaii
( ) Been to England
( ) Been to France
( ) Been to Ireland
( ) Been to Germany
( ) Been to Australia - my brother went one year tho
( ) Been to Alaska
( ) Been to Africa
( ) Been to China
( ) Been to South America
(X) Been on a plane - and I'll be on one Tuesday heading out to Vegas - yay!!!!!
( ) Been on a helicopter
(X) Been lost - we used to drive around with a 12 pack and TRY to get lost!!! Good times!!!
( ) Gone to Washington, DC
( ) Had a great Valentines's Day Date
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers - it's been a while tho
(X) Recently colored with crayons - whenever I get a chance!!
(X) Sang Karaoke - HA! That was a joke tho - drunkfest more like!
(X) Paid for a meal with coins only - if you count the diet soda I had for lunch my "meal"
(X) Been to the top of the St.Louis Arch
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(X) Made prank phone calls - oh those were the good times - 2 lines, prank calls, hee hee hee
( ) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
( ) Been down Duvaul St in Key West
( ) Been to the Southern most point in the U.S.
( ) been to the Northern most point in the U.S.
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere - and THAT BURNS!!!
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain - I love, love, LOVE dancing, walking, and running in the rain!
(X) Been skinny dippin'
( ) Been cow tippin' - never did but we talked about it a lot during our country cruises back in the day!
(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(X) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(X) Watched the sunrise with someone - that's been a looooooong time too!
(X) Blown bubbles - I do daily with my gum
(X) Gone ice-skating - andI can NOT ice skate!!
(X) Gone to the movies
( ) Been deep sea fishing
( ) Driven across the United States
( ) Been in a hot air balloon
( ) Been sky diving
(X) Gone snowmobiling
( ) Looking forward to seeing someone in the next 24hrs - no but in 48 hours I'm looking forward to seeing Elvis in Vegas
( ) Lived in more than one country
(X) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets - Bullskin's good for that!
(X) Seen a falling star and made a wish
(X) Slept under the stars
(X) Seen a comet
( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
( ) Seen the Statue of Liberty
( ) Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
( ) Been across the Golden Gate Bridge
(X) Been on a cruise
( ) Traveled by train
(X) Traveled by motorcycle
( ) Been horseback riding
( ) Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR
(X) Been to Disneyland/ Disney World - it's been too long, I need to go back!
(X) Have a special someone in your life
(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer
( ) Been in a rain forest - been to a Rainforest Cafe tho
(X) Seen whales in the ocean
(X) Been to Niagara Falls
(X) Ridden on an elephant
( ) Ridden on a Camel
( ) Swam with dolphins
( ) Been to the Olympics
( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China
(X) Kissed someone in the last 24hrs
( ) Saw and heard a glacier calf
( ) Been in a cave
( ) Been caving
( ) Been spinnaker flying
(X) Been water-skiing I'm no good at this either!!
( ) Been snow-skiing
( ) Been to Westminster Abbey
( ) Been to the Louvre
( ) Swam in the Mediterranean
( ) Swam in a bioluminescent body of water
( ) Been to the Great Pyramid in Egypt
( ) Been to Greece
( ) Been to Rome
( ) Been to the Vatican
(X) Been to a Major League Baseball game
( ) Been to a National Football League game
( ) Been rock climbing
( ) Been to Stone Henge
( ) Been to a private tropical island
( ) Been sailing
( ) Seen the Grand Canyon
( ) Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
(X) Been a part of history
(X) Seen history happen
( ) Been on a military base
( ) Been in the military
(X) Been hired
( ) Been to the top of Pikes Peak
( ) Celebrated New Years in Times Square
( ) Been to NY City
(X) Been to Chicago
( ) Brewed your own beer
( ) Made your own wine
(X)Smoked a pipe
(X) Smoked a cigar
( ) Been to see the Liberty Bell
(X) Meet a celebrity
( ) Juggled in front of a crowd
(X) Given a speech - I hated speech class!
(X) Have been disappointed by someone recently
(X) Knew something you wished you didn’t
(X) Played a musical instrument
( ) Written an original song
(X) Written an original poem
( ) Written a book
( ) Been published
(X) Been in the local paper - more than once!
(X) Mailed a hand-written letter via snail mail (USPS)
( ) Started a new relationship in the past month
(X) Been to a concert
( ) Been to an opera
(X) Been to a play
(X) Been in a play
(X) Been in love
(X) Been betrayed

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