Viva.... Las Vegas

So Vegas was an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!! 5 days is a looooooooooooong time in Vegas tho - whew! I was glad to be home!!! I had a wonderful time while I was there tho.... we arrived on Tuesday, after an hour-delay in the plane at Indianapolis - cheese n rice! It was ridiculous - the luggage compartment latch had to be fixed which took all of 10 minutes, but then the mechanic didn't fill out the paperwork properly and he'd already moved on to work on another plane... so 50 minutes later he makes it back over to correct our PAPERWORK!!! Are you kidding me? So we were boarded and sitting on the plane for an hour before we even backed up from the boarding dock - ugh! I kept good spirits tho and on we went :~)

Arrived in Vegas around 10 a.m. Vegas time - the weather was BEAUTIFUL! 74 degrees with a lil' wind! After we arrived to our hotel, we hit Ceasar's outside bar for one of their famous orange slushy drinks... mmm-mmm-mmm!!! I toasted all of my fellow Vegas'teers, and on our way we went. That day/evening we really didn't venture far from Bally's, as we were just glad to be in Vegas, relaxing and having some cocktails. It was a long day, so we had an early night - had a quick dinner at Margaritaville and called it a night!!

Wednesday - NB had conference from early a.m. thru noon. So I got up, showered and walked the strip. The sun was beautiful, it was peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk - from one end to the other and back took me approximately an hour and a half - that included my stop at Starbucks (the one daily treat I promised myself). It wasn't a strolling walk either - I kept a pretty good pace - especially after the Starbucks kicked in. I did a little shopping, a little gambling and by then NB was out of his meetings. So we ventured down the strip towards the MGM, did some shopping, took a nap in the late afternoon, went out that night, saw the awesome twins at Harrahs at teh dualing piano bar and went night-night at a later hour, but still decent.

Thursday - NB was up and out early for his conference. I got up, showered, made my trip to Starbucks, and by then Josh n Kelly were arriving - yay!!!!!!!! It was soooooooo good to see them in Vegas - there's nothing like bringing a part of home on vacation with you. So while Nb was in conference we ventured down to the mall, had a couple drinks and got back just as Nathan was finishing up. The 4 of us then ventured down to M&M world to pick up the kids a few souveneirs, stopped at Tropicana on the way for lunch, sat outside and watched all the construction across teh street - amazing!!!!!.... and before we knew it we had made it down to NY, NY - so Kelly and I rode the coaster, then to Excalibur - so heck, we'd made it this far we might as well walk on down to the Ice Bar at Mandalay Bay. Soooooooooo cool - if you ever go to Vegas you must, must, must experience the Ice Bar - called the Minus 5 degree bar actually - but everything inside is made of ice - even the cups you drink out of.... friggin awesome!!!!!!!!! Stayed there and had plenty to drink, so we left there late and took a cab to Hard Rock and ate at the Pink Taco. Finished up there and called it a night.

Friday - FINALLY was able to somewhat sleep in according to Vegas time. Kelly and I mostly shopped all day while the guys gambled. We were celebrating her bday a day early - so it was her night. We went to Trevi in Ceasars for dinner - it was an AWESOME Italian restaurant she chose. Yumm yumm yummm! Left there and hit the twins at the piano bar. Not only were we entertained by them, but we were also entertained by plenty of the company around us - whew! Stayed up waaaaaaaaaaay late for us - wowzers, I was BEAT!!!!!!!

Saturday - time to go home! I woke up with horrible sinuses (too many days of being surrounded by smoke) and so I was ready to go home. We finished Vegas with a lil' shopping in Margaritaville, one last stop at Vegas and spent the rest of our trip people watching.

GREAT time, GREATER friends, and the GREATEST was getting home to see my lil' man - oh how I missed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See below post for a few pics...

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SarahSLP said...

I love reading your blog Julie! Very entertaining and love your quotes! Glad to see you had fun in Vegas. It is our favorite vacation spot (without child) too! I shop, walk, and do the pool...Sean does his poker tourneys...then we meet up for dinner and gambling in the evening! Everyone's happy!


ROSEBOWL - JAN 1, 2008