Hit the brakes.... eeerrrrrhhhhhhhh....

Not real sure if that's how to spell out the sound of brakes locking up, but we've had a change in plans - Anne will NOT be coming home on Monday! She started having more "episodes" yesterday - they believe it may be a reflux thing, but it's too early to tell if the reflux meds are working. So until they can get this straightened out, we'll continue going to visit Anne in Indy.

As for everything else - life is good! We went to Indy this afternoon and had training on the monitor she will be coming home with, and we all had infant CPR training. It could become over-whelming, but I feel pretty confident with it all.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Assumption, IL - GO LADY CUBS!!!!!!! How exciting is this for them??? I'm super happy for them - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Beyond that, not a lot else going on. I'm gonna hop off of here and try to finish book 3 of the vampires and werewolves ...... who would've ever thought?! LOL!

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