My 2nd Love

Introducing the new Asics GT-2140's.... ...........

Love, love, LOVE these shoes! For those of you who know me, or have read my blogs, you all know I've been in-love with the Asics GT-2130's FOREVER! LOVE THEM! I went to Pacesetters today (they love me there), and I was in search of a new pair. However, since the 2130's are the previous model... they are no longer getting new colors in; therefore, I now proudly own every pair of 2130's they had to offer - BUMMER!!!!! The lovely salesman recommended I step up to the 2140's - problem is, they made the "toe box" wider in the 2140's which is a problem for narrow footed folks as myself. Anywho, after a lil' heart-to-heart with my 2130's, and their acceptance of me going "2140" on them - I tried on the 2140's in a NARROW size, a.k.a. 2A for those of you in the shoe world, and I'M IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! I currently have my new tennies displayed on my kitchen table - they are anxiously awaiting a walk in the early morning hours of tomorrow :~)

And to top off my 2140 day.... I had another follow up appt today on my ankle, and after 4 1/2 months I have officially been RELEASED! So no better time than today to get my shoes in order.... time to start putting the new-formed ankle to the test.

So perhaps I'm working backwards here... but how sweet are these 2 boys????

Unfortunately Mel had to take Molly to the dr. today, so I was called upon to watch the others. So T and I went over for a visit. I had some WONDERFUL snuggle time with lil' Miss Anne - she is THEE sweetest thing EVER! And while I was tending to Anne, big cousin T took care of lil' Andrew who was in need of some snuggle time as well! I hate that Moll's was under-the-weather, but I love, love, LOVED the time I got to spend with the others.
Snuggle time with my nieces and nephew, new GT-2140's, and a complete release from the doc - I'll call it a day! Thank you Lord - I am sooooooo fortunate!!!!! I know it, and I thank YOU!

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