Proof is in the Pudding (Pictures)

So last night I finished with just how lucky I am as a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife. Well, when you get to spend the Holidays and share your love with beautiful souls just as these - who wouldn't consider themselves lucky....

T "attempting" to pose for a pic!
Emily jammin with her new ipod (8 years old and an olympic swimmer in the making)

And here we have lil' Ms. Moll's (5 yrs) posing with her Hannah Montana wig on! What a beauty queen :~)
Andrew (2 yrs) on the floor playing cars - his fav - with Uncle Nathan. Lucky for him his Aunt Julie purchased him a Dale Jr. trailer and car for Christmas. Poor lil' guy was being influenced at home with #48 "stuff" - ha ha! (funny story there, a.k.a. sibling rivalry)

And here we have Uncle Nathan and Olivia (3 yrs) - lil' Miss Cinderella
And so we are missing pics of Anne and Elliot - however; no doubt they are loved just as deeply as those I'm flaunting pics of. (Side note/question - does it drive anyone else nuts when they knowingly end a sentence with a preposition? This is such a NO-No!!! But when it just flows - well, I'm just sorry - please accept my faults!)
Okay, going to exercise and try out the new GT-2140's I raved on in my previous blog - stay tuned!!!!

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