My favorite time of year....

Nothing like a good mix of Christmas spirit and basketball season!!! This weekend the boys played in their first tournament. LOVED IT! Major kudos on the uniforms too --- our boys were the best lookin' group of kids on the court. Check out these AWESOME uniforms....

Here's T playing defense (he's the one with his arms in the air).

We played 3 games at the Wabash Valley Sport Center in Terre Haute. We won our first game and lost games 2 & 3. They were close and exciting games for us tho - no major blowouts. So that was a positive note for us.

And here are a couple of our boys shooting around with Coach Vernon. T's to the left, Brock's in the air and a nice view of Derrick's back side. Nice uniforms tho... have I mentioned that?! LOL! Yes, I'm VERY impressed with the uniforms!!!

A shot of the boys warming up. Not sure if you can notice or not, but the uniforms even have a fantabulous lil' Lion/Cub paw print in the "v" of the tops. STELLAR JOB!!!
Okay - so that was most of our Saturday... well from noon thru evening. GREAT JOB BOYS!!!!
I'll switch gears now to how the rest of our weekend unfolded. Starting with Friday... hhmmmm... that was 2 days ago - like I remember?! Oh yea, I was asleep on the sofa by 7 p.m. I know, I'll be signing up for AARP before long - it's okay, I'm okay with it.
Saturday morning was a lot of GIFT WRAPPING!!!!!!!! Thankfully my mom was wrapping as well, so the 2 of us hung out in her basement wrapping gifts ALL morning long! NOT my favorite Christmas task - but I got along just fine and EVERYTHING is wrapped at this point. And yes, I still only have one-half of a decorated tree and no other decorations up - but as long as the stockings get hung and the lil' elves keep coming - I'M GOOD! Oh, that reminds... I still need to get T's Christmas pj's - shy-zits! KRUDOS!!!
Okay - so gift wrapping, basketball... oh and then we had the big Bennett Christmas gathering Saturday night. That was a basement full of food, fun and fellowship. Those Bennett's - if you think the saying "you've seen one, you've seen 'em all" applies - NOT in this family! Not that none of the look alike - but this is one family gene pool that hit the every personality branch on the way down. I overheard someone saying this family is like something out of a movie - AMEN! LOL! GOOD, GREAT, FUN times!! I'm lucky to be a part of it and get to enjoy and celebrate.... so fun!
SUNDAY.... Sunday, Sunday, Sunday - Sunday began sorting piles and piles of laundry - OMG! Last week I cut laundry short, and man-oh-man have I paid for it today. That's all I've done today is ................... LAUNDRY! That should be a 4 letter word, btw! No, we did make it to church which was an AWESOME sermon! Then the boys (T had Brock spent the night) - we went to Terre Haute and watched the Tale of Despereaux (sp?). Cute movie - a little too young for the boys and I tho. Home and managed to do MORE LAUNDRY! And then... well... I've been doing LAUNDRY! You see a pattern here?!
The bonus to this is that I'm off work until January 5th - YEE-HAW!!!! Our plant shuts down - it's always great to have the time off, but with Christmas one week and NYE the next - the time flies by so quickly. I am very grateful tho...... I thoroughly enjoy the extra time with T. We don't get many "mom and T" days anymore - it's nice just to hang out.
So tomorrow I am on a mission to go visit Anne. Jeff n Mel need to get some things done, so T and I are going to go over tomorrow afternoon and hang out with Anne and the rest of the crew while they do some chores. It'll be a tough job, but someone has to do it.
Okay - so I have lots more to carry on about, but this blog seems to be longer than norm and I'm afraid I'll accidentally hit a delete button somewhere and lose my work to this point. So here goes, and I'll be back later with more.... XO!!!!!!!!!!!

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