Easy Pleasing Meatloaf

Tonight I tried out a new recipe on my picky-eater. It was SUPER easy and they both really liked it, so I thought I'd share (if your family will eat meatloaf)...

2 lbs extra lean ground beef
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup water
6oz box Stove Top stuffing mix for chicken
1/2 C bbq sauce, divided (whatever your fav is - we like the sweet stuff)

Mix all ingredients together except for 1/4 cup bbq sauce. Form into a loaf and place in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Spread remaining 1/4 cup bbq sauce on top. Bake at 375 degrees for an hour or until cooked through.

Neither of my boys are easy pleasers, and even my husband told me to keep ahold of this recipe. So good luck to all/any of you busy moms!!!

So that was a good ending to my not-so-great day. It was Monday - blah! I'm usually ready to head back to work on Monday, but I sure wasn't this morning. I was in a drab mood all friggin' day - I HATE days like that! I'm NOT ready for this cold weather, but mother nature doesn't really seem to care about my opinion. She told me I could move if I didn't like it.. hhmmm? Yes, that's an option - but not likely to happen. So I'll just stay bundled up in my blankie on my couch and go outside in the cold as lil' as possible.

Now I'm getting ready to hit "post" to post this blog... and I look over and notice my Cosmo magazine next to me. The first headline on the cover I read... "Lose Weight While You Eat". Are you kidding me? Seriously??!! I am so tired of all these 'miracle' diets, solutions, advertisements, etc... they're everywhere you turn now! What happened to the old fashion way of dieting.... ie. don't consume so many calories!!! DING-DING-DING... now there's an idea! And I don't want to hear the song n dance - I've been every weight and tried all sorts of diets in my lifetime - it goes back to the basics. If you ingest more than what you burn in a day, you're going to gain weight. If you burn more than what you eat - you'll lose weight. Now there are ALL sorts of ways to play with the numbers - but it is what it is (in my opinion). Personally, I feel it's just another arena we're all getting sucked waaaaaaaaaay too deep in to - and yes, I speak for myself as well! Let's just work on being proud of who we are - okay, I'll start (just let me get out of this foul mood first) SORRY!

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Jen K said...

My family likes meatloaf & we like it with a sweeter sauce too but I make it with bbq sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, & garlic. I've never tried the Stove top mix as my dry ingredient...great idea! I also like to use sourdough breadcrumbs for meatloaf but I'll bet the stove top gives it really great flavor so I'm definitely trying it!

I know exactly where you're coming from with the "diet rage"...it makes me crazy sometimes! I agree that we just need to take pride in ourselves & also by doing that...we need to take good care of ourselves too. Darn those calories!!!!

Have a better Tuesday, my dear! :)


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