King of The Ocean

Meet the newest addition to the Bennett family! His name is "King of the Ocean"... so cleverly named by T! :~) If you have a fish tank is in area which you can often see, a fiddler crab is a MUST! These guys are so neat to watch! This is our THIRD - ugh! They're inexpensive tho, and I'm pretty sure my husband pushed the 2nd one from an upper level... and crabs do NOT land on their feet like cats!

So it's been several months since we've had a crab. Everytime we went to PetCo they were out. So last week while I was in there, they offered to order me a couple. Because we only have a 36 gallon tank, it was not recommended that we have put more than 2 crabs in it at one time (they can apparently be rather territorial).

So here's crab #2 - he's quite a bit smaller. As you can see he's quite a bit smaller. We usually let T name our animals, and as of last night we hadn't thought of a name for him.... hence, crab #2.

So here's a pic of our beautiful fish tank which I have enjoyed soooooo much more than I ever thought I would. Well, I guess it's not such a great pic b/c you can't see the whole thing - but T has decked it out quite nicely over the last year and a half.

So last night we watched the crabs battle - OMG! It was entertaining! Talk about territorial... funny thing was - the smaller one was going after the bigger one. But then the bigger one would always win. So last night it was time for bed... lights out! We woke up this morning, and we no longer have a need for a name for crab #2... we believe King of The Ocean got the best of him last night! This morning he was lying upside down on his back, not moving an inch. :~( Which is how we've found our other ones when they've died. Poor lil' guy... guess he needs to learn to pick on crabs his own size, huh?!

So as I'm sure you could all tell from my previous post - I got my normal 8 week hi-lights/loights down last night, along with a choparoo! T gets his hair buzzed tonight - it needs it baaaaad!

And, and, AND..... I'm receiving some positive feedback for the 2009 Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego....... I sooooooooo can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Daily Splash of Joy:

You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever.

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Jen K said...

Neat! I love aquariums. When I worked in an orthodontic practice for 6 years we had a salt-water tank that I volunteered to help maintain - it was BEAUTIFUL...but very high maintenance! My favorite was this little cleaner shrimp we had & this fat clown fish that always fought with the shrimp. The cleaner shrimp looked like this:

(I hope the pic comes through!!)


ROSEBOWL - JAN 1, 2008