Can anyone really get tired of seeing that acronym and knowing it's for real? I guess if you are a weekend-worker then perhaps the sight/thought of it doesn't bring you nearly as much joy. But for a Mon-Fri worker like myself... TGIF = :~)

So I know I just blogged last night before bed; however, I was curious if I'd be able to blog from work. You know... that dreaded big red box you see that says "website blocked" - meaning YOU'RE NOT WORKING! Hmmm... well, for now - I'm good to go!

Anywho... so since I wasn't at work yesterday I missed my "Daily Splash of Joy". It's a daily calendar I picked up at The Open Door last Christmas while shopping for others. Now, if you're on my Christmas list - please don't run out and by one - it just MIGHT be underneath that expensive wrapping paper this year with a tag on it from ME, JT :~)

But I couldn't help but pass up sharing yesterday's "Daily Splash of Joy":
Correct your children while there is still hope; do not let them destroy

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Jen K said...

It was a daily splash of joy for me to read your blogs! I'm happy to see you blogging...it's FUN! I used to do it nearly every day for over a year & had to take a break because the laundry just continued to pile up...

Anyway ~ I'm happy it's Friday too because I'm actually OFF work today - yipeee! Have a lovely weekend. :)


ROSEBOWL - JAN 1, 2008