My Husband just asked "You're a blogger now?" LMAO!!!!

So this is my 4th grader... hence the 4 fingers being held up! Traditional first day of school pic.

It was pretty excting for all of because T actually got my fav teacher EVER!!!! Mrs. Cheryl Margason!!! I had so many others that hit the charts high, but for some reason I just feel like she was put in my life for a reason! And now T gets to have her too - yay!!!! It's exciting, but at the same time it's kinda nerve-wracking because what if he acts up and Mrs. Margason gets mad at him??? Then what do I do? Let's just hope he's as well-behaved as I was :~)

And now meet HANK! Hank is our labmaraner! He's half chocolate lab and half weimeraner... BEAUTIFUL puppy! He's built like a weim, but he's the color of the chocolate lab, and he has the energy of BOTH!!! Hank is only 9 months old, so we still have A LOT of puppy turbulence ahead. HOWEVER, he's awesome! After losing my black lab, I always said I'd never own another animal b/c you get too attached, they die, and who wants to willingly put yourself thru that?! Well, I've eaten my words.... we have Hank! But nothing compares... what else loves you unconditionally, is always happy to see you, will let you yell at them, cry on them, wear a leash... and still love you?! They say a dog is a man's best friend - why won't men listen to their best friend then and try to do as they do? J/K!! I know any male reading this is thinking how nice it would be to have a wife on a leash as well - I KNOW!!!

The makings of The Official Bennett Farm! Many of you have previously heard this story - but much to MY surprise, zucchini will grow in the rich soils of Marshall, IL - in town mind you, along our deck, with little sun and even less rain! Yes, I chuckled to myself when T planted the seeds.... and then I chuckled again when I saw how big his friggin zucchini were! Holy cow! That was one of the many highlights to our summer :~)

Brickyard - August 2008. T's ready to go racing!!! Mind you - this GLORIOUS hat he's wearing he WON!!! Pre-race we walked around the trailers, and low n behold the National Guard (et umm... Go Jr) - they were having sit-up, push-up, chin-up, etc... all sorts of competitions. Well, my lil' man won the most sit-ups for his age group and he was given this BEAUTIFUL hat that can't be purchased! I was soooo proud of him! He was pretty proud of himself too :~)

And aside from all the other fun activities we had this summer... the majority of our time was spent at the baseball fields.... soooooooooooooo much fun!

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