Three-Peat... UGH! Congrats to my bro tho...

As much as it hurts... I must congratulate my brother and any other Jimmy Johnson fan on their 3-peat Championship! Personally, I've never been a Johnson fan but it is an accomplishment! And when Jr. became a "free agent", I was quite sure the last team he would be a part of was the Hendricks Motorsports team. Obviously I wasn't consulted..... because before I could stop it the papers were signed, and my bro and I were now a part of the same team. I got the call from him "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"! LOL! It's all in fun... I know down-deep the one and only reason he is a JJ fan is b/c I will always be his younger sister - and it was 1 of the 2 drivers in Nascar that he knew would get under my skin. So it's been an on-going battle. I cringe to say that he's in the lead - 3 years in a row now! So enjoy it for another year... there's always next year bro!

We went out to Josh n Kelly's to watch the race. It's always a good time, a lot of fun and great company out there - aside from our opposing views of drivers - hee-hee-hee! THANK YOU to both of you for being such great hosts!!!!!!!!!

AND - I am pretty sure I just wrapped up my Mother of The Year award! While in Indy this weekend I came across a High School Musical tin with some "goodies" in it. One of which is a WILDCATS blanket that T is currently wrapped up in! Oh yea - I rock!!! It's always exciting to come home when there's a lil' "surprise" waiting on you! :~)

Time to get ready for another Manic Monday! Chat with you all later!!!!!!!!!!!

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