I have Bad Crabs....

No, it's NOT what you think! It's thee crabs - as in King of The Ocean and no-name who died. Well now BOTH crabs are dead - ugh! Yes BOTH! Guess my house is just not the place for crabs - I can't seem to keep 'em around. Hhhmmmm - bet my husband will be glad to hear that, huh? LOL!

So last night my dear friends Deb and Michelle hosted a Thirty-One gifts party - which is now being sold by my BFF, Ms. Kelly L. Livvix. You can check out what they have to offer @ thirtyonegifts.com Key-UTE stuff! If you're interested in hosting a party, Kelly can HOOK YOU UP! She's a great consultant - takes after my mother :~) Anywho... I'm really excited about my order, can't wait to get it - yay!!!!!!!!

AND, if you go on-line and you like the products... Kelly is having an open house to display her products THIS Friday, November 28th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m..... feel free to drop in and check it out! Just tell her I invited you - she won't mind :~) She's conveniently located in Marshall, IL - so hit me up if you want her address or more details. (and for the record, I'm not getting paid to say this stuff - I just love her THAT much) You can stop by her house and un-wind and grab a snack after your early morning shopping spree in Terre Haute fighting all the crazies!!!!

So Turkey Day is quickly approaching - BE THANKFUL! Today's local paper published the 4th graders blurbs of what they are thankful for. My son wrote the following - he's thankful for.... "....my family, my dogs, God, my cat, and for my teacher." AWE - he does have thee very best teacher in the world - Mrs. Cheryl Margason - LOVE HER! I had her when I was in the 4th grade as well - and she was my all-time fave teacher! I was so very excited that T would get to have her as well!!! Double Whammy! As a matter of fact, he reminds me often how he's luckier than me b/c he gets to see Mrs. Margason almost every day - LOL! What a stinker!

So back to Turkey Day.... I'm aging my friends, and I"m showing it! As many of us know, the night before T-Day is probably the busiest night of the year in the big town of Marshall. Well, this year I'm just not feeling up to it - ugh! I used to be the first one signing up for the biggest party in town... now I'd rather stay home with my book, wrapped up on my couch w/my hot cocoa! TELL ME THAT'S NOT A SIGN OF GETTING OLD?!!!! No, don't - I know it is! Something about a crowded place, loud music, etc... I just don't enjoy it anymore! So if anyone wants to dress in purple, throw on a red hat and have a lil' get together.... CALL ME! I'm up for doing something, just not trying to fight a crowd!

We're post-poning Thanksgiving with my fam this year. It just doesn't feel right for all of us to get together and chow down while lil' Miss Anne is still at IU Med. I am extra thankful this year just for having Anne and Mel still in our lives - I don't need a sit-down meal and 2,000 calories to be anymore thankful! I'll celebrate when Anne is well enough to come home!!!! We've had a very eye-opening year. So be sure to enjoy every moment you have with your family.... we're all guilty of taking them for granted from time to time.

So give me some feedback and let me know what the best bargains being advertised for Black Friday are.....

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the shout out about my party!! YES - anyone can come!! The more the merrier!! Lots of fun and lots of COOL stuff!!


ROSEBOWL - JAN 1, 2008