Our Lil' Miracle....

And now for an update on Anne!!!!! I'm going to go back in time since I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. But this pic of Anne was a VERY big day for her! November 1st... it was a big day for several reasons. Most importantly - she reached the 4 lb mark on this day!!!!!! This is a big # to reach... at 4 lbs she was able to come out of her isolet, AND she was able to get dressed for the first time!!! I was extremely lucky to have been able to visit on such a special day! Since I was standing by Anne's "closet" at the time, Mel told me to pick something out for her to wear. WHAT?!??!??!! Okay, maybe this doesn't sound like much.. but it was VERY stressful for me! Anne's VERY FIRST outfit - HUGE JOB for an aunt! I mean... in looking at this pic I'm quite proud of my choice. HOWEVER, what if one day Anne looks back at this pic and snarls her nose at the clothes - IT'S ALL MY FAULT! LOL! I'm kidding, but I'm not kidding when I say I was overwhelmed... overwhelmed with joy! So this was a VERY BIG day for Anne - I was so proud of her! AND, and, and, and.... I got to hold Anne for the very first time this day as well! November 1st, 2008... it was a big day for Anne and for me as an aunt as well! Thank you Mel... in so many ways!!!!!

And another big day - Anne's FIRST bottle! November 9th! She did so good with it too! If only SHE knew how many of us are cheering for her! The Colts have nothing on Ms. Anne... Lucas Oil Stadium couldn't hold all of her fans!

Snuggle time with Aunt Julie!!!! This was last Saturday when I went up to visit her :~) How lucky am I?

And LOOK at all of her fuzzy hair!!! Is she not thee most precious thing every?! UGH! I could snuggle with her and hold her tight each and every day!!!!

And here we are today... 11/15/08. Anne topped out at an amazing 5.1 lbs today! And not only did Jeff n Mel give her up for me to snuggle with during my visit, BUT they also gave me the phenomenal pleasure of feeding her!!! I can't even explain the butterflies in my tummy everytime they offer to let me do what may seem like such a small task to anyone else. I honestly feel like one of thee luckiest people alive! She's a miracle - I just don't know what else to say!!!!!


Jen K said...

Wow! Reading about her gave me goosebumps...truly a miracle! I think your outfit selection is simply perfect & I'm certain she will seek you out for all of her fashion advice in her teen years. :)

Wein said...

Oh I agree, the outfit choise was just fine! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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