Icy Mud Schfockers

So Friday after T went to his dad's, Nathan and I ventured to Indy for another wonderous night out on the town with Jill-Katherine. As always, it was a lovely adventure. We had dinner at 106th Street Grill (ironically located on 106th street as my husband pointed out). I've even included an oh-so yummy photo of the cajun chicken nachos Kitty Kat and I shared - YUM! While we were there we saw many celebrities... one of which was Kate Hudson (okay, so MAYBE these people just looked like celebrities)... we were trying to avoid the paparazzi at all cost ourselves - so we never attempted to confirm their names by asking for birth certificates.

Post-dinner we went to a local pub which I'll refer to as PJ's - it gets too complex if I go any further with it's name. It was a rather low-key night, but as I'm sure you can tell by some of our pics... regardless of our "key" - it's always a good time! I could sit back and listen to Kitty Kat and NB rattle on to each other for HOURS! They are hysterical!!!! We're so gay! LOL!

We got up this morning, got to rolling, and had lunch at this FAB lil' diner called FIVE GUYS! If you've not been there.. apparently they're known for having the best burgers around. It's a lil' diner on 86th St between Keystone and Castleton (maybe it's 82nd St at that point - I don't know, darn roads change w/out changing)... anywho - if you know the area, you'll understand. They don't have a food selection beyond burgers, hot dogs and fries - but by golly if you're craving a burger n fries it's worth the trip! YUM, YUM, YUM!!! The fries friggin' rocked too!!!

Post-lunch we went to Castleton mall for a lil' browsing. Nothing exciting, other than my husband built himself a remote control car. Yes - I'm sure most of you are familiar with Build-A-Bear workshop... same concept, but you build a custom remote control car instead of a loving bear! Testosterone.... I don't understand??? GREAT Christmas idea tho if you have a male on your Christmas list! I'm sure the younger ones would think it's even better, but the older ones that are still young at heart (like mine) would be just as thrilled!

Another great visit! THANK YOU KITTY-KAT! Your hospitality is like no other! XOXOXOXO

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