Yesterday I traveled to Indy with my bro and ma to go see Miss Anne - EEEEEEEEEEE! As I'm sure many of you know, this brings nothing but pure joy and thanks to the deepest party of my heart!

Anne and I had some FABULOUS snuggle time - XXXXXXXXXXXX! Anne weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz yesterday! This is great news. She is doing so well in every area expected, aside from the very last one you would guess - her feedings! Yes, you would think by her weight that she's chugga-luggin right along. But that's not quite the case. Well, I guess she is chuggin'... but during and/or after her feedings is when she is having her "spells" (in bullskin terms this means forgets to breathe when she's eating or even afterwards, aka food coma). So process of elimination begins - the first thought is perhaps she's refluxing. So starting yesterday with her 3:30 p.m. bottle they put rice in it to thicken it. Apparently the thickness of it is less likely to cause her to reflux - IF that's what her issue is.

FINGERS CROSSED - as of this posting, she has not had one episode since her feedings have been thickened/"riced-down". Granted, they are only giving her a bottle at every other feeding - the others she is being fed thru her feeding tube. THIS IS GREAT PROGRESS THO! Fingers are still crossed... the doctor will be in tomorro to re-assess the situation. Maybe it is reflux and this has helped it, maybe we're just on Anne-time, and perhaps there's something else causing it that hopefully we won't have to address. In any event tho, everyone seems confident that this is something she'll out-grow, it's just a maturity thing. So GO TEAM ANNE!

And of course, it's nearly impossible to have an Anne posting without some updated pics (otherwise I tend to get nasty emails from my readers). So here ya go....

I know this is a distant shot, but this is Anne's home. If we were on MTV Cribs - this would be referred to as "Anne's Crib". As you can see - lots of family pics hanging in the background. The dry erase board behind her has her updated weight each and every day. Her siblings have colored some beautiful pics for her which are hanging to the right, but Jeff's in the way.

And lil' Miss Anne herself!!!

Really - they don't get any sweeter - XO!!!

(the tube you're seeing is her feeding tube)

And of course, I can't post a pic of our visit unless I have one of the two of us :~)

Anne and Aunt Julie (has such a lovely ring doesn't it???!!)

Okay, so now I'm going to switch gears (while we all continue to pray for Anne) - going back another day - Friday, aka Black Friday! I ventured to Terre Haute in the morning - but not to be with the crazy shoppers. I headed over to watch Anne's sisters and brother. Let me just tell you that I am one of the very luckiest aunts alive... not only to be so close to a miracle such as Anne, but to be a part of her siblings lives. They are soooooooo much fun! Each of them are unique and loving in their own ways - each of which I love for who they are! As far as entertainment goes - we always thought Molly was "IT"... and then came Andrew! Oh boy - I could sit and listen to Andrew stories all day! The best part of them... I'm his aunt! So I can kick back and laugh at all the HILARIOUS things he's doing! Hee-hee-hee! One of my fav's.... he recently resorted to sleeping naked. Granted, his diaper would be dry every morning.. but the problem is - his diaper was on the other side of his room, and his bed was soaked. So my brother calls me one night, he's headed home from the store, he informs me he's just purchased "duct tape" - RED duct tape at that! I'm like WHAT???!??!! And then it dawns on me... Andrew's diaper! WELL, Andrew is pretty sure he's the karate'iest (I know that's not a word, just go with it) - but the karate'iest lookin' kid on the block! Jeff and Mel were even kind enough to send me a pic of the next Mr. Miagio - take a look....

So as you all finish chuckling at Andrew's "Super Hero belt" - take a break and go hug n squeeze your own kids just one more time! Tell them you love them, take a deep breath and savor every moment they're in your arms... today is a present, make it ever-lasting!!!!!!!!!!

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